Australians Ditch Android Phones for Apple: Is It for iPhone 6S?

apple-phoneLatest results of surveys reveal that android-based units are still the favorite when it comes to smart phones or those that have expanded features aside from messaging and voice call. This is not a surprise, because many users revealed that cellular phones that are running in Android Operating System (many versions such as Ice Cream Sandwich, Gingerbread, Jellybean, Kitkat and Lollipop) are more user friendly as compared to more sophisticated types such as Apple devices, which runs in IOS (the exclusive operating system for Apple).

But a separate data reveals that Australians lead in ditching android units in order to get a hold of Apple products. It has been found out that Android share in the Australian market dropped 10.5 points while Apple shares jump to around 8 points. This leads to the notion of others that perhaps many people in that country are giving up their owned android-based phones just to buy newer units.

Many say that this is mainly because of the release of iPhone 6S. But there are some questions as to whether or not this is a smart move or not.

No matter what Apple releases, it will always run with IOS, which is their trademark. Because of that, problems experienced by users of handsets running in this operating system will still be present. This is in contrast with devices that run with Android OS. Every time it levels up, problems are fixed and customers tend to have better experiences in using new releases.

Apple products are also limited to purchasing their applications in its exclusive app store. That is a problem especially when what you need cannot be found in it. This is again where Android-based phones get the upper hand. They have Google Playstore plus users can also use third party application providers for tools that are not present in the store itself.

Being user friendly is usually the very point of the debate as to which of the two is better. It is an aspect that is very important in determining the viability of buying a new device. Whether it’s Android or Apple, the final say of the buyer should still be based on the ability of the unit to give the user an easier time of maximizing its features.

Anything can be good in paper, but that will soon be out into test once they are used. Overall satisfaction for using these devices can be case to case basis but being hassle free and easy to use is a big plus factor for any phone unit out there these days.

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