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The Return of DVDs: Australia’s Delight

Many people have this idea that DVDs are very obsolete nowadays. They feel that there is no need for compact discs and DVD players because of the presence of modern technologies such as computers, flash disks, external hard drives for computers, portable players and many more. If you live in this modern era, you will definitely agree that these things are better and more efficient especially when dealing with storing of files and data. With their presence, you will no longer have the need to grab an optical disc and burn your data. You just have to simply copy your data to a memory stick or to a flash disk and your problem is solved.

If you want to watch your favorite show, you will simply switch on your laptop or your computers, browse the web and instantly access it. You can also plug your storage devices, such as USB mass storage and external computer hard drives. This proves that DVDs are absolutely obsolete, both the disc and the device used to play it.

But recently, people of Australia have been given a glimpse of the future return of DVDs. Just recently, the vice president of the famed Samsung Company in Australia has announced of their plans to revive DVDs and provide their consumers with modern player that can render 4k contents, commonly known as Ultra HD Blu-ray.

While this new format of content proves to be superior as compared to a Blu-ray file, the problem lies in the fact that many people now have difficulties in storing them because of its large size. But that problem is solved here and now, with the news of Samsung’s plans to release DVDs and players that can store and play these bulky contents.

Many people, not only in Australia, were more than delighted to hear this development as many people don’t have the luxury of having portable external drives to store Ultra HD contents. If you are someone that enjoys watching movies or videos in high definition video rendering this might be the kind of break you are waiting for. DVDs will be revived and soon you will be provided with something compatible with them that you can use to keep downloading and storing HD files.

It’s really not a big surprise, given how technology has influenced almost everything around us. As a matter of fact, it would already be difficult to live without technology especially in these times where a huge percentage of the global population is dependent on it. From storing data to using a particular platform in watching a movie, we must not forget that innovation is always rooted from the older models. Thankfully, technology is there to bring all these advances into reality.

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