3 Digital Marketing Tips Worth Remembering

For the reason that technology updates come up almost every month, finding out the latest among the trends in digital marketing is as difficult as matching the energy of a child in his or her terrible-two’s. The changes never stop to appear, and it will be your loss if you choose to stay behind and not immerse yourself in what is happening. Hence, to keep you in the picture, here are the 3 digital marketing tips worth knowing about.digital_marketing_tips1

#1: Think Mobile.

One of the things emphasized in Mary Meeker’s presentation at the Internet Trends 2016 – Code Conference is that mobile phones will still overrule the laptops and desktops this year in terms of the number of users. The consumers are starting to prefer to do their transactions online too, so you have to make sure that your website can be accessed through a smartphone.

#2: Be Interesting.

The websites should be attention-grabbing. It may no longer work if you go straight to selling the products and services to the people, as well as making them click in several links to know what the site is all about and what they can get out of it. The newer web formats offer a lengthy homepage which has minimalistic yet interactive illustrations and designs. Aside from that, you can also demonstrate your brand’s values in a way that will make the potential customers feel instead of just see them.

#3: Overhaul Your Social Presence.

Facebook, YouTube and Google can help you grow your business now more than ever. The “Buy Now” feature of the first-mentioned will let your customers to obtain your good even if they do not go to your actual online shop. You may regularly post videos on YouTube as well which can introduce you and your products to others, since most of them can truly feel comfortable about interacting with you after hearing and viewing the actual person behind the brand name. In addition, Google has developed several means to assist producers in understanding the kind of topics that people are more focused on, and in becoming more noticeable in the local scene.

This is like dipping your toes in the ocean of technology updates. We are only nearing the fourth quarter of the year, and there will surely be more innovations to amaze everyone. For now, take note of the tips mentioned above, and observe how they can change your entrepreneurial skills for the better.

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